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The Mispent: News

The Paradise - August 14, 2013

We're playing at aforementioned venue this Sunday afternoon from 3pm plus great support....The Paradise 19 Kilburn Lane, Kensal Green, London W10 4AE...check out the calendar!

Gig Featuring New Material ! - October 2, 2012

We're back on the gig circuit : ) Come and see us at The White Lion on November 23rd, a smashing free entry venue in Streatham working on the basis of donations if you wish to the excellent worldwide charity Music For Children....see Calendar for details...

The Mispent On The Deuce Show (170) Included On KWSS.. - July 21, 2012

The Mispent On The Deuce Show (146) Included On KWSS.. - February 2, 2012




New Album - Windows & Walls Out Now!! - November 2, 2010

We are delighted to welcome Windows & Walls into the world. A second album to be really proud of now available at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon mp3 etc. Special thanks to Peter Larsen - producer and all round guitar, keyboard, Rhodes, synth and more maestro! Also to Jennifer Davis for her beautiful vocal on "In My Shoes". Sample tracks on the music page or head straight for the links to buy in our "Albums" section :)


New Album & Sky TV Appearance! - June 6, 2010

The recording of the new Mispent album is nearing completion - and everyone involved is excited by the step up in every aspect of the work, relative to "Climbing Frames" - early August for previews; September release!!

In the meantime Warrick will be filming a studio performance of "I've Got a Thing About You" for Sky's Performers TV in July - set to be broadcast in Jan 2011. He is very much looking forward to working with the "pre-approved dance group" :)

New Year, New Website, New Album On The Way - January 8, 2010

Happy new decade to you all....we celebrate with a new website, and have all the components in place to produce a new album (including budget) by the autumn :) New working title "Windows And Walls".....and no it's not a song about Microsoft's new operating system! Though I sense there maybe commercial potential in such a misconception...:) Anyway, do watch this space and keep the afternoon of Sun 7 March free for a very speshul live music event in central London....details to follow shortly.

Video For "Breakfast" ! - July 14, 2009

Many thanks to Ade Cove of High Altitude films for his excellent direction, camera work and editing on this; and to Lisa Pobereskin for being a super sport!

In My Shoes: Live @ The Ramshackle - June 22, 2009

Second Album Demos! - June 2, 2009

For those of you in Blightly - gosh isn't England simply marvelous when the weather's like this!! You underestimate the power of that temperate sun at your peril .

I write to fill you in on substantial progress towards the production The Mispent's second album (working title "Somewhat Smitten"); all the songs are in place, studio at the ready, even some drums recorded (!): we just need a bit of dosh for the purposes of facilitation !! Well where there's a will there's a way - although any "fan" contributions to the cause are of course welcome.

Sneak previews of a selection of the new material exist in acoustic demo form on the "music" page - CHECK IT OUT and click on "Demos 2009". Stand out tracks are probably "Listen To Lilith" and "In My Shoes" - a full band "live" version of the latter will be up on You Tube by next week.

Lastly, bear Friday 24 July in mind as we have a gig at the Water Rats, King's Cross (on at 8pm) supporting a mystery, signed, quasi famous band - definitely our best date so far - please come along to that one if you possibly can. Details to follow closer to the time.

Wed 25 March: Mispent Productions Showcase!!! - March 21, 2009

May you be enjoying this splendid spell of spring that seems to be upon us. In fact in celebration of the natural rebirth all around..... I bring you news of Mispent Productions debut showcase event this coming Wednesday 25 March at The Ramshackle, Putney Bridge, London. Featuring our good selves of course; and 3 other fine acts of yours truly's choice - the excellent:

Emma-Jane Thommen & Band - 9.45pm The Rob Berry Band - 8.30pm Mark Holland - 8pm
I can report that we are indeed privileged to have in The Mispent's ranks not only the debonair Mr. Rob Berry on keys; but also this time the marvellous Michele Monks on violin and vocals ! Onstage 8.45pm. The night is being filmed + recorded so come on down and be part of our next video....see "Calendar" for details;

Live @ The Ramshackle Pics... - December 20, 2008

Operation Radio Vote Final... - December 6, 2008

And so we enter the last phase of Operation Radio Vote! Thanks very much for your efforts on 23 Nov - as they culminated in our appearance in tomorrow's (Sunday 7) final! We now compete against a mere 3 other bands for a berth on the main stage at the Leicester Winter Festival! The set up is the same - and your mission, should you choose to accept it; is to tune in to the Dave Charles Radio Show (at from 8pm and either send an email to the given address or text "HFM Vote The Mispent" to 60300....Yours truly is, as it happens, being interviewed live on the do drop in for a listen and a laugh! WHAT, WHEN, WHERE!? The Mispent: Radio Vote Final SUNDAY 7 DECEMBER - from 8PM Dave Charles Show on 102.3 HFM Radio at: P.S. All military metaphors will now be destroyed and disposed of responsibly.

Radio Vote This Sunday! - November 18, 2008

We bring you news of developments on The Mispent Radio front! Thanks to the excellent strategic planning of Field Marshal Rob Saunders at Deuce Management; we are making substantial gains on the airwaves! Of course the final goal is complete air supremacy....and to achieve this your band needs you! Planned date and location for landing and all out air assault ... D DAY is:

Dave Charles Show on 102.3 HFM Radio:
This a proper local station in Leicestershire; so do tune in and listen for your instructions on how to vote. The final prize is a slot on the main stage at Leicester's Winter Festival.....!

"Wish You Well" on Radio Caroline ! - October 25, 2008

Just a quick note to let you all know our VH1 Song of the Year finalist no less - "Wish You Well" has been added to Radio Caroline's breakfast playlist as of Wednesday 22 Oct.

Radio Caroline is the world's most famous off shore station - with a long history of playing great non mainstream we are honoured indeed ! Do tune in to Sky Channel 0199 or online between 7-9am at:
If you'd like a more visual experience of said song you could also check out our official video promo below....

Finished Promo For Wish You Well - September 14, 2008

The Mispent: Showcase ! - September 6, 2008

I bring you tidings of The Mispent's showcase date with next Friday 12 September; to be held at the suitably named Ramshackle bar, close to Putney Bridge. Music-News is a very high profile web magazine and they are giving us a big plug with this event.....So come down for a night of wine and Rock n Roll!

We are delighted that on this occasion we will be joined on keys by the ever sartorially elegant Rob Berry! Rob is a very fine Singer/Songwriter in his own right and we are most privileged to have him. He can found at:

Mispent Storm Brewing ! - May 14, 2008

OK, I accept, maybe the weather metaphor in the subject line is getting a bit stretched now that we're playing Storm, Leicester Square a third time ! However, it's a thunderously (!) fine venue; excellent sound, lighting, vibe, location etc and this time we may have our management company attending.... so come on down and help us whip up a whirlwind of sonic energy. Sorry couldn't resist....!

It's to be this FRIDAY 16 MAY - we're on at 8pm, finished by 8.30pm; so good if you'd like to go on from there.......see "Calendar" for more details.

Stepping Stone Deal With SiBee Records! - April 14, 2008

We're very pleased to have signed a short rolling deal with SiBee Records - coming soon at ! The idea is to get "Climbing Frames" and other fine independent music airplay in public spaces - hotels, restaurants etc on the basis of an exclusive relationship with SiBee. This cuts out heavy generic royalty fees for Fat Cat publishers; which is better for less known musicians and clients alike.....we hope this is the beginning of a full contract !

If We Give Nothing Else To The World.....! - February 19, 2008

Video footage of "Wish You Well" from The Comedy - which may fittingly also be the best version of the song.

And...Video for Next Single: "Get Yourself Outta That Hole" - Live ! - February 18, 2008

The finer of the two new songs from 4 Dec gig below for your delectation, consumption and reflection......"I've Got A Thing...." and "Wish You Well" videos also now available on the "music" page - click to your left ! Introducing Fred Vislander on guitar as part of a 4 piece gig:

Video of "Your Cases" ! - January 25, 2008

As promised full DVD of 4 Dec gig will be available soon ! In the meantime please watch live footage of "Your Cases" - courtesy of the marvel that is Last FM......

Free Download on Myspace ! - January 19, 2008

Following the recording of the 4 December Comedy gig - we have a live version of the new song "Get Yourself Outta That Hole" available FREE at our Myspace please head on over and help yourself ! Link below:
Full video of aforementioned gig available soon....

Live @ The Comedy ! - December 1, 2007

Yuletide Felicitations !

Should this coming Tuesday evening (4th) merely be another wasted December night in the company of "The Least Recognizable Celebrity Talking Head List Countdown Over Two Hours To A Number One We All Know" program on the TV........

....why not drop by The Comedy on Oxendon Street, London; just past the Comedy Store, for a spot of warm winter pub musings and music from The Mispent....

We are being professionally filmed and recorded for a forthcoming video and "Live" EP - so if there's any way you can make it - recruit cohorts and demand that they join you ! See Calendar for details.....

Cool Review On ! - October 24, 2007 really took a shine to "Climbing Frames"...we are the featured unsigned artist of the moment as a result ! Check out our "Press" section to your left !
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