From the recording If You Want Me (Demo)


I know you've this thing going onWith some guy that you knew beforeBut you know what they sayYou shouldn't go backEven if you're lonely and you Gave up on getting any moreWhat are you waiting for...?Chorus:If you want meYou can have meIf you want meI'm yoursIf you want me Come and find meYou have me for sureIf you want meYou know where I amIf you want meCome and knock on my doorI know you've got this doubt going onAbout some girls you see keeping scoreBut you know what they sayYou shouldn't go backAnd you won't be lonelyIf I'm the man you look towardsWhat are you waiting for...?Repeat ChorusM.8I won't do wrongAnd i'm sorry I took so long....Chorus to endWords and Music by Warrick Hayes