The Mispent - Climbing Frames They’ve already been described as Morrissey meets Crowded House (although how pleased Morrissey would be to have to meet Crowded House in a musical sense I’m not sure!) but I would say add something like Divine Comedy in there and you’ll get a good idea of what this five-piece London based band are all about. Unaffected, easy listening and very clever – if you’re bored of the current musical offerings around The Mispent are the band that could well make music interesting again. Gorgeous melodies, well written lyrics and lovely vocals from lead singer Warrick Hayes, even if it’s not your scene there’s something about these boys that make you want to hear more. 'I’ve got a thing about you’ and 'Climbing Frame’ are the stars of the album but to be honest it’s all worth a listen. Keep you’re eye on these boys.” - Christine Toner

The Mispent Live at The Ramshackle - Sept '08 The Mispent rocked up on stage with little fuss and proceeded to enthral the crowd with their eclectic mix of rock n roll and folk. The band overflowed with charm, eclectic melodies flowed together and span little ditties full of life and warmth.” - Ollie Cornish

The Mispent Unsigned Music Magazine - Xposed “I think you’re a bowl of ice cream”, we’re not sure if that would make a great pickup line here in the U.S., but it makes a great line in The Mispent’s opening track I’ve Got a Thing About You. What’s so refreshing about these guys is their complete lack of pretentiousness in the music. They aren’t trying to be Dylan; they aren’t trying to be anyone but the Mispent. The music is not overly textured with “stuff” but yet the production is very well done. In music there are great vocalists because they have great technical ability and then there are great vocalists because they deliver a great song... these guys fall into the latter category, kind of like Phil Collins and Sting. They also have a very classic brit-pop sound that, even though it’s been around for forty years is still very refreshing to us here in the states. So check out The Mispent online at and see if you think they’re “a bowl of ice cream”

Unsigned Music Magazine

The Mispent - Climbing Frames Quaywest FM This is so radio friendly that it wants to move in and make you breakfast. Nicely crafted lyrics, with warm, well produced tunes. I love this album and will be playing and promoting it” - Mark Painter

Quaywest FM

The Mispent VH1 - Song Of The Year Song of the Year is excited to recognize Warrick for his exceptional songwriting ability for the song 'Wish You Well'. Warrick competed against songwriters from all over the world for this honor. When asked what inspired the song Warrick commented that he, 'Wanted to write a song about Withnail's final speech in the film 'Withnail & I', set in the context of a passing love affair.' Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting VH1's Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music including many Grammy Award winners.”

VH1 Song Of The Year

The Mispent - All There Is, Is Now Having formed merely two years ago, South London’s The Mispent are looking to swing the balance beam of rock-n-roll their way armed with the strength of their imaginative debut album. The strong suits on the record are the guitars but incredibly there are oodles of individual contributions that punctuate the dynamics of each song. Led by singer/songwriter Warrick Hayes, The Mispent have already finished fifth in VH1’s “Song of the Year” with their “Wish You Well” that features a twangy guitar and melodically driven chorus. Keep an eye on this five-piece, they’re going places.” - J Sin

The Mispent - All There Is, Is Now The Mispent is a contemporary rock band hailing from the south of London. The group members have diverse cultural and musical backgrounds to incorporate into their own appealing universal sound. The Mispent blends modern instrumentation into songs that range from lush melodies to up-tempo rockers. They have been described "as Morrissey meets Crowded House but more upbeat." The CD opens with the snappy 'I've Got A Thing About You'. Warrick Hayes, the lead vocalist and writer, uses a variety of singing techniques to add to the mood and texture of the tune. 'Wish You Well' is a haunting ballad that won a top spot in VH1's Song of the Year contest. 'Saving For A Rainey Day' is subtle like a gentle rain but the hook line is spirited. 'Breakfast' has a flavorful samba beat and tangy guitar leads. 'Something Else To Do' is pensive and the closer 'Singing On The Roof' is up-tempo with a little Latin flare. The Mispent is creating diverse, intelligent music and time spent with the band is time well spent!” - Laura Turner Lynch

The Mispent - All There Is, Is Now Starting off on a positive melodious vibe, Warrick Hayes brings a very abstract sort of sense to this album. His track "Wish You Well" was selected as a VH1 Song of the Year finalist. It's easy to see why -- the dark tone explored saying goodbye to someone. In it he sings, "Goodbye is never as easy as blame/I wish you well/I won't kiss and tell." With some enchanting electric guitar chords ala Duncan Sheik's Gerry Leonard, it adds a different tone to the music. The rest of the songs are great acoustic rock/folk tunes with rumbling chords. Favourite Tracks: Saving For A Rainy Day, Wish You Well”


The Mispent - All There Is, Is Now Here and There Ezine The UK's The Mispent,led by Rio born Warrick Hayes has nice Morrissey on sunny day type of vibe going on. Formed in 2003,they finally have released this EP to give the rest of us a chance to catch a solid pop band. I liked this EP quite a bit. Bits of country twang,good tales of love and breaking up all sprinkled with stellar guitar and excellent drumming. The song "Wish You Well" placed in VH-1's Song of the Year,finishing 5th in the Rock category,even though it was much more country then rock. This is a band to keep a eye on....”

Here and There Ezine

Unsigned Music Magazine. The Mispent delivers where some U.K. groups fail to hit the mark. The group's material is catchy, the vocals are raw, yet refined at the same time plus you just get a good vibe listening to the music. If the T.V. show Friends was still around, they would be writing music for it!”

Unsigned Music Magazine