Second Album Demos!

For those of you in Blightly - gosh isn't England simply marvelous when the weather's like this!! You underestimate the power of that temperate sun at your peril . I write to fill you in on substantial progress towards the production The Mispent's second album (working title "Somewhat Smitten"); all the songs are in place, studio at the ready, even some drums recorded (!): we just need a bit of dosh for the purposes of facilitation !! Well where there's a will there's a way - although any "fan" contributions to the cause are of course welcome. Sneak previews of a selection of the new material exist in acoustic demo form on the "music" page - CHECK IT OUT and click on "Demos 2009". Stand out tracks are probably "Listen To Lilith" and "In My Shoes" - a full band "live" version of the latter will be up on You Tube by next week. Lastly, bear Friday 24 July in mind as we have a gig at the Water Rats, King's Cross (on at 8pm) supporting a mystery, signed, quasi famous band - definitely our best date so far - please come along to that one if you possibly can. Details to follow closer to the time.